Canadian CPI Basket of Goods and Services

This is the content of the basket of goods and services that the government (Statistics Canada) uses to generate the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and inflation rates.  Next to each item you will see the weight (out of 100) assigned to it based on the average Canadian’s spending. Note that both the content of the basket and the weight of each component have both been updated in 2015. The basket’s content is updated every 4 years and the weights are updated every 2 years.

Quick Canadian Basket Overview (1986 to 2015)

This table shows the evolution of the weight of each basket category from 1986 to 2015.

Average Canadian’s Spending by Category (% of wallet)
Component 1986 1992 1996 2001 2005 2009 2011 2013 2015
Food 18.1 18.0 17.8 16.8 16.9 16.1 16.35 16.6 16.4
Shelter 25.7 27.6 27.1 26.3 25.7 27.5 25.9 26.3 26.8
Household Operations, Furnishings and Equipment 10.7 10.4 10.7 11.1 11.4 11.8 12.6 12.7 13.1
Clothing and Footwear 8.7 6.8 6.3 6.0 5.6 5.6 6.2 5.8 6.1
Transportation 18.3 17.2 18.6 19.4 19.6 19.3 20.0 20.0 19.1
Health and Personal Care 4.2 4.4 4.6 4.6 4.8 5.0 4.9 4.9 4.7
Recreation, Education and Reading 8.8 10.2 11.3 12.5 13.0 11.8 11.2 11.0 10.9
Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Products 5.6 5.5 3.5 3.3 3.1 3.0 2.8 2.8 2.9

*Components may not add up to 100 due to rounding.


Detailed Canadian Basket Overview (2009 to 2015)

This table offers a more detailed view including all items within the main categories.

CPI Basket Category and its Contents201120132015
All-items Consumer Price Index (CPI) Basket Content (Canada)100.00100.00100.00
Category 1: Food16.3516.6016.41
Food from stores11.4811.6111.62
Fresh or frozen meat (excl. poultry)0.830.870.92
Fresh or frozen beef0.540.580.59
Fresh or frozen pork0.220.230.26
Other fresh or frozen meats (excl. poultry)
Fresh or frozen poultry0.480.510.53
Fresh or frozen chicken0.400.430.47
Other fresh or frozen poultry meats0.080.080.06
Processed meat0.780.800.83
Ham and bacon0.120.110.11
Other processed meat0.660.690.72
Fish, seafood and other marine products0.440.430.45
Fresh or frozen fish (including portions and fish sticks)
Canned and other preserved fish0.070.080.05
Other Seafood0.150.140.14
Dairy and eggs1.761.761.69
Dairy products1.621.601.54
Fresh milk0.470.470.42
Ice cream and similar0.110.110.11
Other dairy0.380.370.41
Bakery and cereal1.811.851.73
Bakery products1.121.141.10
Bread (including rolls and buns)0.550.570.53
Other Bakery0.330.330.34
Cereal products0.690.710.63
Rice and Rice-based products0.090.080.07
Breakfast cereal and other similar products0.430.450.40
Pasta products0.110.110.11
Flour and flour based products0.060.060.04
Fruits and nuts1.321.371.38
Fresh fruit0.820.850.90
Other types of fresh fruits0.500.520.55
Preserved fruits, juices and preparations0.370.370.32
Fruit juices0.220.220.20
Other preserved fruits and preparations0.140.140.12
Nuts (all types)
Vegetables and vegetable preparations1.291.261.37
Fresh vegetables0.960.931.06
Other fresh vegetable0.670.630.73
Preserved vegetables and vegetable preparations0.330.330.31
Frozen and dried vegetables0.080.090.08
Canned vegetables and other vegetable preparations0.250.240.23
Other food products and beverages (Excl. Alcohol)2.772.752.73
Sugar and confectionery0.490.490.47
Sugar and syrup0.080.080.08
Fats and oils0.140.140.13
Other edible fats and oils0.090.090.08
Coffee and tea0.260.270.25
Condiments, spices and vinegars0.380.380.38
Other food preparations0.991.001.03
Infant and baby foods0.080.080.07
Pre-cooked frozen food preparations0.270.270.32
All other food preparations0.510.520.53
Non-alcoholic drinks & beverages0.500.470.48
Food from restaurants4.884.994.79
Food from table-service restaurants2.882.942.84
Food from fast food and take-out restaurants1.241.261.21
Food from cafeterias and other restaurants0.760.780.74
Category 2: Shelter25.8626.2626.80
Rented housing5.925.985.85
Renter's nsurance premiums0.090.080.08
Renter's maintenance and other expenses0.070.080.06
Owned housing15.5415.8116.38
Mortgage interest cost4.134.114.10
Homeowners' replacement cost4.254.344.55
Property taxes (including special charges)3.263.363.46
Homeowners' home and mortgage insurance1.211.231.42
Homeowners' maintenance and repairs1.201.251.26
Other owned accommodation expenses1.491.521.60
Water, fuel and electricity4.404.484.57
Natural gas1.060.991.08
Fuel oil and other fuels0.350.360.30
Category 3: Household operations, furniture and equipment12.5712.6613.14
Household operations8.839.019.69
Telephone services2.372.392.55
Postal and other communications services0.080.090.10
Internet access services and subscriptions to online content providers0.780.810.96
Telephone equipment0.070.070.06
Child care and housekeeping services1.131.161.19
Child care services0.810.830.86
Housekeeping services0.320.330.33
Household cleaning products0.420.430.37
Detergents and soaps (other than personal care)
Other household cleaning products0.260.260.19
Paper, plastic and foil supplies0.590.600.55
Paper supplies0.480.490.45
Plastic and foil supplies0.110.110.10
Other household goods and services3.383.453.92
Pet food and supplies0.700.700.58
Seeds, plants and cut flowers0.370.360.41
Other horticultural goods0.110.110.10
Other household supplies0.190.200.21
Other household services1.331.351.62
Financial services (200212=100)0.680.740.99
Household Furniture and other equipment3.743.663.44
Furniture and household textiles1.471.431.31
Upholstered furniture0.460.470.44
Wooden furniture0.300.280.27
Other furniture0.410.390.30
Household textiles0.300.300.30
Window curtains0.100.100.09
Bedding and other household textiles0.130.130.15
Area rugs and mats0.070.070.05
Household equipment1.931.891.74
Household appliances0.820.800.81
Cooking appliances0.170.170.16
Refrigerators and freezers0.170.170.13
Laundry and dishwashing appliances0.240.230.20
Other household appliances0.250.240.31
Non-electrical kitchen utensils, tableware and cookware0.240.220.20
Tools and other household equipment0.870.860.74
Household tools (including lawn, garden and snow removal equipment)0.440.440.42
Other household equipment0.430.420.32
Services related to household furnishings and equipment0.230.220.26
Other household furnishings and equipment0.110.110.13
Category 4: Clothing and footwear6.205.826.08
Women's clothing2.091.882.11
Men's clothing1.371.311.25
Children's clothing (including infants)0.520.470.48
Women's footwear0.430.400.45
Men's footwear0.220.210.22
Children's footwear (excl. athletic)
Athletic footwear0.490.470.47
Clothing accessories, watches and jewellery0.680.690.75
Leather clothing accessories0.110.110.12
Other clothing accessories0.170.150.18
Clothing material, notions and services0.290.290.27
Clothing material and notions0.050.050.06
Laundry services0.090.100.08
Dry cleaning services0.110.120.09
Other clothing services0.040.040.03
Category 5: Transportation20.0519.9819.10
Private transportation18.0617.9916.94
Purchase, leasing and rental of passenger vehicles7.647.737.39
Purchase and leasing of passenger vehicles7.557.657.30
Purchase of passenger vehicles6.646.726.70
Leasing of passenger vehicles0.920.930.60
Rental of passenger vehicles0.090.090.09
Operation of passenger vehicles10.4210.259.55
Passenger vehicle parts, maintenance and repairs1.761.801.88
Passenger vehicle parts, accessories and supplies0.680.700.70
Passenger vehicle maintenance and repair services1.081.101.18
Other passenger vehicle operating expenses3.813.833.82
Passenger vehicle insurance premiums2.922.912.89
Passenger vehicle registration fees0.260.270.28
Drivers' licences0.110.110.11
Parking fees0.350.360.35
All other passenger vehicle operating expenses0.180.170.20
Public transportation1.991.992.16
Local and commuter transportation0.640.660.70
City bus and subway transportation0.500.520.49
Taxi and other local and commuter transportation services0.140.140.20
Inter-city transportation1.221.201.33
Air transportation1.141.121.24
Rail, highway bus and other inter-city transportation0.080.080.09
Other public transportation0.130.130.13
Category 6: Health and personal care4.954.934.73
Health care2.942.902.71
Health care goods1.851.791.59
Medicinal and pharmaceutical products1.471.411.23
Prescribed medicines0.880.830.77
Non-prescribed medicines0.590.580.46
Eye care goods0.300.300.32
Other health care goods0.080.080.03
Health care services1.091.111.12
Eye care services0.080.080.08
Dental care0.630.640.64
Other health care services0.380.380.40
Personal care2.022.032.02
Personal care supplies and equipment1.281.291.16
Personal soap0.090.090.08
Toiletry items and cosmetics0.640.630.63
Oral-hygiene products0.100.100.09
Other personal care supplies and equipment0.450.460.36
Personal care services0.730.740.86
Category 7: Recreation, education and reading11.2610.9610.89
Recreational equipment and services1.521.411.55
Sporting and athletic equipment0.170.160.22
Toys, games (excl. consoles and video games) and hobby supplies0.280.270.31
Digital computing equipment and devices0.660.590.61
Computer equipment, software and supplies0.550.490.42
Multi-purpose digital devices0.110.100.19
Photographic equipment and supplies0.090.070.07
Other recreational equipment0.160.150.16
Recreational services0.160.170.18
Purchase and operation of recreational vehicles1.401.381.24
Purchase of recreational vehicles and outboard motors1.031.010.93
Operation of recreational vehicles0.370.370.31
Fuel, parts and accessories for recreational vehicles0.110.110.07
Insurance, licences and other services for recreational vehicles0.260.260.24
Home entertainment equipment, parts and services0.860.740.54
Audio equipment0.180.150.09
Video equipment0.460.360.28
Rental of video discs, tapes and videogames0.030.030.01
Purchase of electronic media0.180.170.14
Other home entertainment equipment, parts and services0.020.020.02
Travel services2.282.051.93
Traveller accommodation1.331.261.02
Travel tours0.950.800.90
Other cultural and recreational services2.272.342.49
Spectator entertainment (excl. cable television and satellite services)0.300.300.39
Cable television and satellite services (including pay per view television)
Use of recreational facilities and services0.630.630.75
All other cultural and recreational services0.120.130.14
Education and reading2.943.043.14
School Tuition Costs1.851.952.16
School textbooks and supplies0.310.320.23
Other lessons, courses and education services0.360.370.43
Reading material and other printed matter0.410.410.33
Books and other printed matter (excl. textbooks)
Other reading material and other printed material (excl. textbooks)
Category 8: Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products2.762.792.86
Alcoholic beverages1.601.621.64
Alcoholic beverages  in bars, restaurants and licensed establishments0.390.390.44
Beer in bars, restaurants and licensed establishments0.200.200.23
Wine in bars, restaurants and licensed establishments0.080.080.09
Other Liquor  in licensed establishments0.110.110.12
Alcoholic beverages from stores1.221.221.20
Beer from stores0.540.550.53
Wine from stores0.380.380.38
Liquor from stores0.280.280.27
Other liquor and alcoholic beverages in stores0.010.010.01
Tobacco products and smokers' supplies1.161.181.22
Other tobacco products and supplies0.060.060.07
N.B.: The numbers above may not add up to 100 due to rounding. The basket was last updated in 2013. Next update is due in February 2015. Data provided by Statistics Canada.

More info on the Canadian CPI Basket of Goods and Services

cpibasketEach government’s statistical department builds a basket of goods and services that best represents the daily spendings of their  citizens. The items of the basket are split in eight major components. These components are : “food”, “shelter”, “household operations, furnishings and equipment”, “clothing and footwear”, “transportation”, “health and personal care”, “recreation, education and reading”, and “alcoholic beverages and tobacco products”.

The government then tracks the price changes in each element in the basket to come up with the CPI (Consumer Price Index) which is used to measure the inflation rate. In Canada, Statistics Canada is in charge of maintaining this basket, which it updates every 4 years. The weight assigned to each element in the basket (out of 100) is based on the average spending of all Canadians combined.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is different from the Cost of Living index. The CPI maintains fixed weights between goods and services during the life of a given basket. The content of the basket and weight of each of its items are updated periodically to take into account changes in the Canadian consumer’s daily spending patterns. The basket is currently reflecting the 2013 spending patterns replaced the 2011 basket starting with data released in March 2011. The CPI is maintained by “linking” the corresponding indexes obtained from consecutive baskets. The CPI is calculated as a weighted average of specified goods and services price indexes. The weights of the items comprised in the basket are derived from the Survey of Household Spending data. When reconstructing or re-aggregating published CPI series, the changes in weights and the linking procedures must be taken into account. The process of linking is to apply the price movements calculated from the new basket to the series published previously.