Canadian CPI Release Schedule

Below are the dates for the monthly Consumer Price Index Releases. Each month, Statistics Canada releases a CPI data for the previous month. The data covers is disaggregated at the provincial level and by the weighted components of the CPI-U. Our calculator will be automatically updated on each release date, to ensure you always get accurate results when measuring inflation. Have any question about these dates? Feel free to contact us.

Release Date Reference Month
January 26, 2018 December
February 23, 2018 January
March 23, 2018 February
April 20, 2018 March
May 18, 2018 April
June 22, 2018 May
July 20, 2018 June
August 17, 2018 July
September 21, 2018 August
October 19, 2018 September
November 23, 2018 October
December 19, 2018 November
January 18, 2019 December


  • Margarita Nakano

    Hello. I am looking for the cumulative increase in Statistics Canada CPI for Calgary Alberta from March 2015 to Jan 2017.